I regret to inform you that Final Girl Festival, initially planned to take place in Austin, Texas on June 30-July 2, 2023 is going to be canceled. Although this event has had wonderful support and anticipation, it has not translated to ticket sales leading up to the show date. There are currently renovations being done to the building, which did affect our decision making slightly, but that ultimately wasn’t the major reason for this decision. Because of the anticipated attendance, I felt it best to cancel and reevaluate (and possibly reschedule in the near future) so that we can best serve all of our vendors, celebrity guests, attendees, and all other parties involved.
I have been putting on events for almost a decade now and have only had to cancel in the past for weather or Covid related reasons. To say that I have contemplated and agonized over this decision is a severe understatement. I could have chosen to forge ahead and put everyone involved at more risk by continuing on and ignoring the warning signs, but it could not have been done in good conscious, nor with good decision making on my part. We have been preparing for this event for a long time and so it saddens my whole team to a great extent to cancel.
Final Girl Festival has been an idea brewing in my head for many years, and one that I really wanted to be successful, but under these circumstances and at this time, that doesn’t seem feasible. I am not giving up on the idea completely, just adjusting and changing for the greater good. I am in talks and planning in hopes of combining this event in some way with our upcoming Preserve Halloween Festival (now in its third year) later in November in Irving. You can find more information about that show at
All in all, thank you for your understanding. I am fully aware that this cancellation may cause great inconvenience for you and I am sincerely sorry. This cancellation does not affect any of our future Humble Enterprises events, so please don’t worry about your tickets or booths at those shows.
Once again, I apologize for this decision being made, but please understand that I am doing so in the best interests of everyone.
For everyone who purchased a ticket to the event, we will begin to issue refunds as soon as possible. You do not need to do anything, this is an automatic process.
Best to you all,
Gregory Hallows
Humble Enterprises